Monday, January 9, 2012

Few inspiring pictures from my India trip.

Buddha at Kanheri caves (1st century BCE to 10th century CE), Mumbai, India 
These caves served as a center for Buddhism in ancient times.

Ornate cave monuments of Buddha, Mumbai, India 

I thought she had a cool nose ring. She comes to clean dishes and floors at my sister in law's home. She seems so joyful all the time;  amazing for someone who lost all fingers of her right hand in an accident, lost her only son at a very young age and has to fend for herself as long as she lives. She is so cute, she quickly dropped the broom when I asked her if I could take a picture of her and covered her head with her Sari. A beautiful person indeed...

I loved photographing these trees in Mahabaleshwar, India,
 near Arthers seat point, 

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vikkilenore said...

Thank you for sharing your India pics. Your entire blog is inspiring, really.