Thursday, April 26, 2012

Teacher Nature

I love picking up little things from my nature walks, a simple stroll in my garden or neighborhood. I now have a prized collection of them:) With the inception of this blog I have started photgraphing these to share with my readers and friends as these inspire me in endless ways... I am humbled by their beauty, each one a lesson in its own significant way. It could be about form, movement, texture , shape, color, feelings or inexplicable nostalgia at times. As subjective as it sounds I know that any nature lover can relate to this and appreciate. I have to say, I am really enjoying taking these photographs.  Some of these images seem to become larger than life in their visual impact. I can't say all of these will translate directly into the things I create, but the happiness I derive from these nurtures my creative spirit and I am very grateful for that. Hope you'll enjoy these pictures! 

I came across this great new blog called dearest nature, which is a treat with its beautiful nature inspired vibe and breathtaking photography and graphics. I am participating in their project called ( visit this link for details and check out their blog!)  Spring Pickin’s.

Found this under a tree on one of my walks, it has beautifully maintained its green color for months now.

I have a couple of these as it fell of form one my potted plants. I liked watching cool textures emerge on this one as it contued to dry. I love the way light dances through it too in this picture.
I found these under a palm tree during this rainy season.
This is actually a dried mushroom I found under a tree.  This  has cool radial design on both sides as shown in the picture ( see below as well). 

These are part of a very interesting furry-bushy looking blossoms on a tree in my neigborhood.

seeweed found on a seashore

very cool drift wood found on a beach here in northern ca.

The other end of the driftwood.
I found this in my garden, it is the outer skin of a flower bulb, I love the diamond patterns on this.